Salt cave for home and spa

Our experts can advise you how to construct a salt cave in your house or spa center using Himalayan pink salt

himalayan pink saltTry to breathe in the ocean breeze and see how relaxed you feel. It seems clear: marine air is an abundant source of salt which fills every cell of your body with health. Himalayan crystal salt is well known for plenty of healthy micro-elements and medical properties.

But what is pink salt? The combination of health properties of pink Himalayan salt and its fascinating natural beauty attracts so much. But the pace of your life doesn't allow you to spend some time by the sea or to visit a salt spa regularly. There's good news! You can construct a salt cave with your own hands!

If you live in a private house, you'd better find a separate room for your salt cave. If you own an apartment you can make a health-improving section in a children's room or a relaxation zone in your bedroom or even construct a salt cave in any other place.

salt cave and saunaHPCSALT.DESIGN Studio created a system of glue-free assembling which allows you to assemble Himalayan salt blocks in a simple way and to construct a Himalayan salt cave with your own hands. Everything you need is a screwdriver and a wish to fill the room with health.

If you want to know more call or e-mail us. Our high qualified managers are always welcome to help and to give you some hints on how to build a salt cave.

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