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How to apply salt to a wall in a salt cave?

You can mount and unmount it yourself. Easy like hanging a picture.

Himalayan pink salt is unique. It is transparent for light and color and allows to use RGB lightning. We invented a system which allows using backlight.

Glue-free method of Himalayan salt blocks installation.

- backlight is available

- any height of construction

- walls, floor, ceiling, angled walls

- active surface square is 2,45-3,5 times bigger

- minimal installation time

- installation on any surface

 Salt bricks or blocks for building are equipped with special channels which are installed in aluminum shapes which are fixed on firrings or the wall itself. Every pink Himalayan salt block is installed on the shape which means it can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at an angle and take any desirable form.

Installation on the frame allows keeping some space for a local lighting, which is one of the benefits of Himalayan salt. Light transmission of pink Himalayan salt depends on the thickness of Himalayan crystal salt blocks.

Glue method of Himalayan pink sea salt installation

Glue method of pink sea salt installation is frequently used in interior decoration. Himalayan pink salt blocks are installed on the wall itself. Himalayan pink salt is a natural material so size tolerance can be up to 8 mm. It also should be mentioned that pink Himalayan salt is chemically active and to get a good result you need a special glue. Moreover there are some restrictions: no backlight is available, maximal height is 1m for tiles up to 2.5cm, strict requirements to an installation surface.

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