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Salt wall, tiles 8″x4″x1″ (20x10x2.5 cm), glue-free, 1m2

Product Weight: 55KG
Tiles + rails = from 200 € / m2
249,00 €

Everyone who loves natural stone and exclusive design will find this offer interesting. Indeed, being a natural stone, mined from a depth of over 650 feet (200 m), this salt tile 8″x4″x1″ (20x10x2.5 cm) will become a part of your unique interior. It passes the light perfectly, thanks to its transparent structure. Streaks and blotches of ancient minerals which are included in the salt tiles, create a fabulous play of light inside every piece. Our special system of installation makes the process on installation fun and easy.

The main advantage: optimal ratio of weight/thickness. Due to its thickness, this tile can be mounted using the system of glue-free installation – which requires special rails of aluminum. The system of hidden installation, is completely left behind the material and the outside part cannot be seen. That's why you can add a backlight or hide wall ups and downs.

You can buy salt tile with pre-installed mounting system and it will be your best and expedient solution!

Applications: salt wall, floors, columns, freestanding walls and structures

Features: only for internal use, dry and wet areas, soft joints

Weight of a tile: 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg)

Weight of a wall: 11 pounds per square foot (55kg/sqm)

Mounting System: hidden glue-free installation.

Units in box: 1


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