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Salt wall, bricks 8″x4″x2″ (20x10x5 cm) rough side, glue-free, 1sqm

Product Weight: 110KG
42,95 $/sq.ft., incl. glue-free mounting system
399,00 €

The wall of 8″x4″x2″ (20x10x5 cm) bricks illuminated by the back lighting will create the feeling of presence in the dreamlike cave. One face of the brick is beveled, thus creating the effect of a rough stone. The area of contact of its surface with the air is bigger, therefore, its positive impact on the respiratory, cardiovascular and immune system is higher!

We recommend mounting the bricks with the help of constructive solutions. Our specialists have developed a unique solution – a system of glue-free installation. This system ensures easy and fast installation. And it also evenly distributes the weight of bricks on the wall surface, without extra pressure on the support point.

Salt bricks with a rough surface turns an ordinary room into a cave. The play of light in the salt crystals increases the effect, filling the room with even soft light. Because of the beveled edges it most fully reveals the potential of interior lighting.

Applications: salt wall, column, fireplace, walls

Features: only for internal use, dry and wet areas, soft joints

Weight of a brick: 4.85 pounds (2.2 kg)

Weight of a wall: 22.5 pounds per square foot (110 kg/sqm)

Mounting System: hidden glue-free installation.


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