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Mobile salt wall (1x4 ft / 0.3x1.2 m)

306,00 €

We would love to offer you a turnkey solution for installation of the salt walls – Mobile salt wall, which is ready for installation. This technological solution allows you to create the interior of the salt room very fast and with a minimal time cost.

You no longer need to spend time sorting salt bricks and installing the system of guides: we have done everything for you!

You just need to perform a few simple steps: 

  1. to drill holes in the supporting wall for installation of fasteners 
  2. to secure the base together with the salt structure 
  3. to perform the installation of salt blocks (this step is as easy as the assembly of the tinker toys: all the elements fit each other, the probability of error during the installation is reduced to zero)

Everything is done quickly, advanced and efficient.

The composition of the stand: 

  • plywood of high quality 
  • the system of special guides 
  • salt blocks* of various sizes, various thicknesses 

* Salt blocks (tiles, bricks) treated in a special way: all size errors are fixed, the geometry of the salt blocks is aligned.

Size of the a wall is 1x4 ft (0.3x1.2 m). It consists of 2 segments 1x2 ft (0.3x0.6m) and can be placed horizontally (2x2 ft / 0.6x0.6m total).

You can place as many segments as you need together to make a whole salt wall.


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