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Himalayan salt block 8″x4″x2″ (brick 20x10x5 cm), rough side

Product Weight: 2KG
5,00 €

Salt block of Himalayan pink salt 8″x4″x2″ (brick 20x10x5 cm) with natural side is used for walls of baths, saunas, salt rooms, and also for decorating of the premises. Natural side of the tile is aimed to achieve an effect of natural wall in general. The walls made of salt blocks with a natural side look original. The wall thus becomes a smooth, uniform surface, as in case of use of normal polished tiles. By installation of led lighting you can enhance the splendor of the decor, as Himalayan pink salt is an organic material created by nature itself, and all the tiles have a unique pattern.

The most important advantage of using of this bricks 8″ x 4″ x 2″ (20 x 10 x 5 cm) is that the Himalayan salt contains about 80 microelements useful for human body. By steaming, the salt enriches the air with microelements. Inhaling such air, you fill up the lack of elements in the body.

This block (brick) is not suitable for paving the floor.

Weight of 1 block is 4.85 pounds (2.2 kg).

Weight of 1 sq.ft. is 23.5 pounds (110 kg per sqm)

Dimensions can vary, since the salt tile is a natural material made manually. Dimensional tolerance is up to 1/5" (5 mm).

Most reliable and convenient method of installation of the salt wall is a system of glue-free mounting (hidden installation). This system was developed by the HPCSALT.DESIGN Studio. This development allows us to mount and fasten a salt structure (wall, ceiling, rack) without use of adhesives.


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