Building salt room

Many people know what Himalayan crystal salt room looks like, but just a few of them know how to construct it

building salt room

Building of a room of Himalayan pink salt blocks is a long process: you need to define the place, to select the facilities and, the most important, the material.

Let's take a closer look at Himalayan rock salt construction process.

Place selection:

The size depends on your purpose: it can be either a small private Himalayan pink sea salt room or a great commercial project. It's crucial not to forget about the ventilation system! Nowadays it is possible to build your own salt room with Himalayan salt blocks using glue-free method. So for home-based room any place is suitable. But there are some criteria for a business pink sea salt room. Our experts are always welcome to advise you on how to select the materials.

You can always order a Himalayan pink sea salt room on a turnkey basis in our company or take advice from our experts on how to construct a room of salt bricks and salt blocks for building it with your own hands. There are two general types of walls mounting: salt sputtering and Himalayan salt blocks installation. In case of using the glue-free installation method, the adding of LED-lightening is available. The assembling system allows renewing or repairing the lightening if necessary.

building salt cave

Salt room, cave, kitchen, bath or sauna construction process:

Let's take a closer look at the installation process itself. The easiest way of installation of Himalayan salt blocks is using the glue-free installation method with metal profile. Profiles are fixed on the wall, ceiling or floor while Himalayan salt blocks are installed on the fixing system. This method allows to mount a LED strip and to make such a tricky surface as ceiling, wall installed at an angle or independent structures. The is a posibility to unmount the salt wall and move it to another place.

In order to apply the salt sputter (which is also called “salt coat”) it is desirable to mount a net for the coat fixation and to prepare the Himalayan crystal salt mixture of different milling salts and water. We strongly don't recommend using glue mixture because it's harmful for respiratory organs. It covers salt crystals and prevents their contact to the air and brings the effect to naught. Restrictions: No backlight, Not unmountable

Glue method of Himalayan salt blocks or bricks installation process is similar to the one of the glazed tile. But it should be mentioned that you need to use only special glue because pink Himalayan salt is chemically active and reacts with glue. Restrictions: No backlight, Not unmountable, Maximum height - 1m for tiles up to 2.5cm

The good news is you can create a salt wall or any salt interior design with your own hands! You are always welcome to contact our experts through phone, e-mail and feedback form.



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