Salt bedroom

2 salt panels with RGB backlight in a private bedroom.

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Day spa

Massage room with a healing sea air.

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Salt room in Hotel

Salt room in a Hotel. A part of a relax services for residents.

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Interior decor

Himalayan salt is a stone for interior design. Can be used to make a salt wall or a whole salt room.


Salt stone permits light through. RGB lights behind salt blocks colours your salt wall to any color.

Salt therapy

Salt is known to be: anti-bacterial, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory. Manmade salt rooms recreate salt caves, so you can breathe the salt air deep into your lungs.

Construction set

Build your salt wall like a construction set without any mortar. It is easier, faster and 100% safe.

Salt interior design

Salt interior design is entirely unique. We offer design of rooms, caves, kitchens, bath and sauna from high quality pink salt. We can make interior with beautiful lights!

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Natural Healing Stone HPCSALT.DESIGN

Building salt room

Many people know what Himalayan crystal salt room looks like, but just a few of them know how to construct it

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