Chambre à coucher de sel

2 salt panels with RGB backlight in a private bedroom.

#chambre #residentiel


Massage room with a healing sea air.

#spa #massage #therapie

Grotte de sel à l'hôtel

Salt room in a Hotel. A part of a relax services for residents.

#hotel #relaxation

Décor intérieur

Himalayan salt is a stone for interior design. Can be used to make a salt wall or a whole salt room.


Salt stone permits light through. RGB lights behind salt blocks colours your salt wall to any color.

Thérapie par le sel

Salt is known to be: anti-bacterial, mucolytic, anti-inflammatory. Manmade salt rooms recreate salt caves, so you can breathe the salt air deep into your lungs.

Jeu de construction

Build your salt wall like a construction set without any mortar. It is easier, faster and 100% safe.