Salt interior design

Salt design is entirely unique because Himalayan pink salt is produced manually and every Himalayan salt block is special

Himalayan pink salt is becoming more and more popular. It's not only a luxury item anymore. Every year more and more people care about their health and use pink Himalayan salt in interior of their houses and offices.

The color can vary from light pink to orange-red. That's why Himalayan salt looks incredible in classic interiors as well as in modern ones. It suits both separate house and big office.

Himalayan pink salt is transparent for light and color therefore you can hang up a full-color LED strip in order to fill the room with desirable light.

Himalayan rock salt is an extremely solid material which means it can be used even in case of weighting limits. The minimum weight is 24 kg/sqm for a 1cm thick salt block.

Besides the possibility to install Himalayan salt blocks on the wall, the system of a glue-free assembling, produced by our company, allows to create every kind of elaborate designs like bar, salt ceiling, fireplace and to install salt blocks horizontally, vertically, or at an angle.

It also should be mentioned that Himalayan pink salt is used in interior in order to fill the air with micro-elements which are extremely beneficial for a respiratory system. Therefore, Himalayan salt is recommended for bedroom, children's room or any other room.

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